Getting up and…Megabus

So I just tried to post this and disappeared. Very annoyed…. anyway!

Getting up today at 530AM was definitely hard to do. 5 hours sleep was not enough and body is Jet lagged some. I also shot out of bed to turn the alarm off so wouldn’t wake friend up and small head rush. Showered and tried to be a quiet as possible to leave. I get outside and there is a lovely warm breeze and people are hustling and bustling already. I forget it is Tuesday and that I am back in city that never sleeps. I also really perk up from the NYC vibe but also its 11am my time in Dublin. Grab my favorite fast breakfast which is Ham, eggs and Cheese on a wheat bagel and YES finally a New York bagel. there is nothing like them for sure. I get on the Subway which is getting very busy to go meet the Megabus. Never taken this before and should be interesting. I get to the location and from 10th Ave wrapped around on 40th is the line. “Uh Oh’ will i get a seat? will i have to sit next to someone that will annoy me? Is it a full bus? I get into line and ask woman if this was the correct line to Pittsburgh and was. Turns out she was from Germany here on holiday and woman in front of her just got back from Copenhagen! how random that three people standing together are traveling from Europe and have Jet Lag? Started to have a nice chat with Tanja from Germany. We get onto bus and I have two seats to self and it is not full. so happy about that for sure! do some work and think now to get some shut eye!




When you check your luggage at the airport it is a roulette game of when you will receive it on the claim belt. If you are early and first to check your bag will it appear first? OR if you check your bag last will it appear first? Does it just depend on how it is stacked on the little trucks that take the bags to the aircraft and off? If there was a science to getting your bag first from the baggage claim someone tell me. HA! Who knows, but waiting ages for a bag to appear can be quite frustrating! And Have had moments where it was one of the last ones to appear but you think they lost it.


Its been ages since I have blogged. Hard to keep up doing it. thought I would blog a little about Trip back for visit to NYC, Pittsburgh and being invovled with Broadway Bares…


TOMORROW… is our first performance with an audience for Aladdin. Panto has been so great so far. Great people and silly fun. I am tired but worth it. It started off rocky because I got so sick and missed my first day of rehearsal. Not fun those few days but got through it. I cannot believe that I have had three weeks rehearsal and this past week of tech which flew by fast. Thanks to everyone involved and lets open this show Sunday with a bang!!
more to come…

One Year Ago…

One year ago today I moved to Ireland…What a year it has been.

My NYC apartment was in storage. Friends came to Therapy for a goodbye gathering. Jenny a dear family friend drove me to the airport. I was leaving friends I knew, and a relationship that ended for a new adventure.

I left with one friend here in Dublin to stay with and family in the North. I also was meant to meet family friend Alan Stanford who turned out to be a great help. David was so great for letting me live with him looking for an appointment for a month. He lives in Smithfield and I moved in with Owen in November to the IFSC. Soon Owen moved out to be with his Boyfriend and Guy moved in.

In this past year I have continued with Melaleuca; Danced and choreographed for Alternative Miss Ireland and for Davina Devine; started to work on Wright Way Master Classes; Booked a performing job in Panto for the christmas season; Worked on a huge budget Bollywood Film and will be working in more film to come.

I have met amazing people over here as well. To have people let into their circles and into their lives has been so awesome. Cheers to you!

Lets see where the next year takes me and visiting NYC in January will tell me a lot about the next stage in life too. I also am very excited to start working on a dance piece with friends to make a vision of mine come to life.

TO the next stage of life… even if sometimes it feels stressful and hard, I made first year pretty great!



My KRYPTONITE can be sweets…

ON the Food network I have been watching Cupcake Wars, DC Cupcakes, Ace of cakes, and Kid in a candy Store (I Love watching Adam Gertler, with whom I went to college).
It also is cupcake month over here on Food Network UK and have been craving a cupcake.

I thought where do I go In Dublin? In Manhattan it is so easy!
Magnolia Bakery
Billy’s Bakery
and loads of other shops… the first two are my favorite of course!

So I look up places online and in the Ilac Center Johnnie’s cupcakes is in the center of the mall. I rush there to see if they are worthy of trying. They are made that day and look really good. I get four to take home and HOPE they deliver. After watching these shows I had to get my hands on a cupcake.

I came back to Apartment and my flat mate Guy and I had a half of two of the cupcakes to try.

OMG, I was so happy they tasted wonderful. It tasted so good I wanted to eat all four but reserved the other two for tomorrow. We had a vanilla cake with Pink butter sugar icing called Pretty in Pink. The second was even better… Vanilla bean!

I think my new name is CUPCAKE MONSTER like the sesame character Cookie monster!

Food Network…

Oh how I missed you…

I found the food network here in Ireland and uh-oh! Food Challenge, Barefoot Contessa (I totally want to eat lunch or dinner on the beach with her), Cupcake wars, and one favorite Adam Gertler in ‘Kid in a Candy Store”
This will be the death of me and makes me so so hungry, BUT it is better to hear new things and learn as apposed to watching crappy TV. A little more educational than the NORM!

So who is addicted to Food Network like me???


Had an hour workout with trainer Pat yesterday and wow it was great. It made me up my game and also learn some new things to do to make me stronger and get in shape for Panto. Panto is approaching and I know I will be exhausted if I don’t start incorporating what he taught me. Think I will also hire him couple times more before it all starts.

So the new thing I am doing is explosion workouts and look forward to it cutting me up even more. Now to eat more soon too and will be all good to go.

Show rehearsals here I come…

9/11/2001… Where were you?

We always will remember where we were on this awful day in USA history.

I was in Delaware Water Gap doing “Man of La Mancha” at the Shawnee Playhouse. I and another cast mate Zack were the only ones awake in the cast house to go to dance rehearsal We had a pay phone in the house if you did not have cell phones etc. It was still a little early on the cell phone movement. Anyway, It rings and I think who is calling this early. It was Jamie’s Boyfriend, at the time, and I go get her to wake up and take the call. He tells us about the twin towers being hit by an airplane. We are dumbfounded and cannot believe what we see on the news. I then head to the theater with Zach to find out if we are continuing with rehearsal. By this point the second plane goes into the south tower and the director leaves to get her daughters in Philadelphia out of school. We totally Understand this and we head back to the TV and are glued to it all day.

I then call all my friends in NYC and make sure they are ok. I dont remember anyone working down there but then get told that thankfully our friend from college had left before the first plane hit the north tower. I am thankful she was ways away.

I then call home to talk to mom/dad walking around in the area I can get service because we were in the woods essentially. I did not understand how someone could do this and I planned on moving to NYC the next month. I remember my dad saying “your aunts and I have grown up and are always around bombs going off.” “This is how sick people are!”
That kind of life never sunk in until that moment with the towers and I was sure as hell not letting the bastards keep me from moving to NYC.
I finished the contract at Shawnee Playhouse and October 31st I moved to Manhattan. My dream was to live there and I was happy with the decision I made.

We never forget where we were and we will never EVER forget…
I Love NYC!!!


September 11th, 2001… Changed our world as we knew it.

September 11th, 2011… let us not forget what happened 10 years ago!

This is ridiculous if this is true.

NYC Policemen and Firefighters are not invited to the 10th anniversary of 9/11 at Ground Zero….. Apparently there isn’t enough room. They weren’t invited on that day in 2001 either; THEY JUST SHOWED UP. Please re-post if you think those heroes belong more than the Politicians who are invited!

Politicians did not show up to this disaster unless they were being filmed or… There was one that was close and had to deal with issues of his city at the time. Giuliani! I was not a fan of him but he did go down to the towers when they were hit and dealt with the crisis as much as a leader could. I remember sitting next to a fire fighter from the Midwest at the David Letterman show the week after and he did not have help down at ground zero BUT HE WAS. That is a hero!